Car Rental Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Car Rental Management Team

Freddy’s Fine Car Rentals will be solely owned and operated by Freddy Montgomery.

Freddy Montgomery, Owner

Freddy Montgomery is a local entrepreneur who has been researching and thinking about his first business since obtaining his Business degree from the University of Nebraska in 2016. A common problem that lots of people Freddy encountered was the lack of available rental vehicles in Omaha. The large franchises always ran out and were extremely expensive. While those companies mainly target visitors into the city, there are a lot of people that simply need a vehicle for a range of reasons. Their car may be in the shop, they need a truck because they’re moving, or they need to transport a large number of people and no one’s car is big enough. Freddy knew he had an opportunity and started developing his plan of action for his car rental service.

Freddy will basically handle all aspects of the business as he is a small, startup company and can not afford payroll costs. Freddy will seek outside assistance with taxes and accounting, as well as advertising. Freddy will hire an advertising and software company in Omaha to develop a professional website so that users will have the ability to make car reservations online. They will also take professional photographs of the fleet as well as develop an appealing billboard.

Freddy will use a local car wash that is located next to the office for all the car washing and detailing needs. Freddy will take every returned vehicle to the car wash for a professional and thorough wash and detail.

Freddy will also utilize a local mechanic shop for whenever any of the vehicles requires maintenance, tune up, or repair.