Car Rental Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Car Rental Company Overview

Who is Freddy’s Fine Car Rentals?

Freddy’s Fine Car Rentals is a new, independently-owned car rental service in Omaha, Nebraska. It will be solely-owned by local entrepreneur Freddy Montgomery. Freddy will provide car rentals to residents of Omaha and visitors to the city who need a vehicle for a few days. Freddy’s initial fleet of vehicles will include two sedans, 1 truck, 2 large SUVs, and 2 luxury vehicles. Through his market research, Freddy found that visitors to the city need a sedan to get them around for a few days so that they don’t have to rely on public transportation. There are also residents who sometimes need to rent a truck for a day or two while they move something large. There is also a demand for people to want to rent a luxury vehicle for a few days so they can use it for a special occasion without having to put a large investment to purchase one of their own.

Freddy’s Fine Car Rentals will be located near the airport in the central part of town. For now, he will run the business himself and will handle all client communication and management of his fleet.

Freddy’s Fine Car Rentals History

Freddy Montgomery is a local entrepreneur who has been researching and thinking of a business to start for himself. After graduating from the University of Nebraska with a Business degree, Freddy recognized the need for an independent car rental service in Omaha as there are a few big-name franchise companies that rent cars at the airport, but they tend to be expensive and run out of cars all the time. After having many conversations with friends, family, and associates, they all had the same complaint. They couldn’t find anywhere to rent vehicles when they needed to go on a trip, move something large, when their car broke down, or if they just wanted something fancy to drive for a few days. Freddy started developing a business plan, did his market research, and began formulating a plan of action for starting his car rental business.

Since incorporation, Freddy’s Fine Car Rentals has achieved the following milestones:

  • Registered Freddy’s Fine Car Rentals, LLC as an entity qualified to do business in the state of Nebraska.
  • Signed a 2,000 square foot lease for office space.
  • Registered the domain and began the development of the website.
  • Preliminary discussions with dealerships for price of vehicles to purchase and began negotiations on possible discounts if purchasing multiple vehicles.
  • Has begun discussions with a car insurance company for a commercial insurance liability policy on a fleet of vehicles.


Freddy’s Fine Car Rentals Services

Freddy’s Fine Car Rentals will offer car rental service to its clients by offering the following vehicles:

  • 2 four-door sedans
  • 1 truck
  • 2 large SUVs
  • 2 luxury cars

Pricing will be based on the type of vehicle that is rented and length of rental.