Bar Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Bar Management Team

Gray Wolf Bar will be solely owned by Abraham Smith.

Abraham Smith, Owner

Abraham Smith is a native of New Orleans who has over 15 years in the food and beverage industry. His experience comes from start-up restaurants and bars to established restaurants and popular tourist attractions. He has worked for a variety of owners and managers and has learned the right way and wrong ways to manage and operate a successful and profitable bar. Mr. Smith has worked as a sommelier at the local country club as well as managing some of New Orleans’ most popular nightlife bars. He has educated himself in the art of craft beer, the distillation process with certain liquors, and with wine culture through his sommelier training. Abraham’s true passion lies in the bar scene and the complexities of each type of alcohol whether it be beer, wine, or liquor.

Abraham Smith will own and operate the bar. He will develop the beer, wine, and cocktail menus as well as hire and train all staff. Abraham will be in charge of alcohol inventory, dealing with alcohol distributors, and be in charge of marketing on social media. He will work in conjunction with the marketing company as well as local accounting firm to ensure compliance with tax regulations, permitting, and budgeting/forecasting for cash flow purposes.