Bakery Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Bakery Management Team

Baked Bee Bakery will be led by Janette Green and her daughter, Mary Green-Philips.

Janette Green, Co-Owner

Janette Green has been a baker for over 40 years and has made it her hobby to spend her free time in the kitchen baking delicious treats for her family and friends. Janette worked as a secretary for 30 years and recently retired from the energy industry. Today, Janette continues to be a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother while baking with her daughter, Mary.

Mary Green-Philips

Mary Green-Philips has been in the kitchen baking with her mom since she was a young child. Mary graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and worked for 10 years as a marketing manager for a local non-profit. Mary found that her passion comes from her hobby as a baker and recently quit her full-time job to pursue the bakery business with her mother. Mary lives in Lexington with her husband and two children.

Together, Janette and Mary have made a name for themselves as custom cake bakers and are frequently referred to by family and friends. They have made cakes and assorted pastries for many local events and functions and have even won two statewide baking competitions.