Bakery Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Bakery Executive Summary

Business Overview

Baked Bee Bakery is a small, local bakery in Lexington, Kentucky owned by mother and daughter duo, Janette Green and Mary Green-Philips. We will specialize in cakes, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, danishes, breads, and custom made cakes and cupcakes. Baked Bee Bakery will be located in a highly-trafficked, convenient, and busy retail strip center of Lexington and be easily accessible to all residents of the community.

Baked Bee Bakery prides itself in the exceptional customer service and attention to detail to all the pastries we will serve. Janette and Mary have already made a name for themselves in the Lexington community for being able to make delicious custom made-to-order cakes and pastries for all types of events and gatherings. Their strong reputation and work ethic has primed Baked Bee Bakery for success.

Products Served

The following are the products to be offered by Baked Bee Bakery:

  • Cakes (freshly made and custom made-to-order)
  • Cupcakes (freshly made and custom made-to-order)
  • Cookies
  • Danishes
  • Donuts
  • Breads
  • Coffee

Customer Focus

Baked Bee Bakery will focus on all residents of Lexington. Whether it’s a small business, large business, school, church, or household, there will always be an occasion where purchasing pastries and/or cakes will be required.

Management Team

Janette and Mary will be opening and operating the bakery the 6 days a week the bakery will be open. They will oversee the part-time employees, manage inventory and scheduling, as well as all of the administrative functions. Together they have over 40 years of baking experience and have provided custom cakes and pastries for numerous community events and gatherings. They have also competed and won two statewide baking contests.

Success Factors

The following success factors will set Baked Bee Bakery apart from the competition:

  • Exceptional customer service and commitment: The owners of Baked Bee Bakery pride themselves to being on location everyday and getting to know the majority of their clientele. Janette and Mary love interacting with the clients and listening to what the client really envisions for their custom made cake. It is extremely rewarding to put that idea into reality and deliver what the client envisioned. We love seeing the client’s face when they see the finished product.
  • Delicious and freshly made pastries: Baked Bee Bakery will bake pastries daily and only sell what is freshly made for that day. There will never be a stale pastry served at Baked Bee Bakery.
  • Convenient location: Baked Bee Bakery will be located in a highly-trafficked retail strip center where we neighbor popular grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping.

Financial Highlights

Baked Bee Bakery is seeking $90,000 in debt financing to open its bakery. The funding will be dedicated for leasehold improvements, working capital, and opening inventory. The breakout of the funding is below:

  • Bakery build-out, design, and furniture, fixtures, and equipment – $50,000
  • Opening inventory – $10,000
  • Working capital (to include 3 months of overhead expenses) – $30,000

The following graph outlines the pro forma financial projections for Baked Bee Bakery:

pro forma financial projections for Baked Bee Bakery