Bakery Business Plan Template

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Bakery Competitive Analysis

Direct and Indirect Competitors

Baked Bee Bakery will be competing with other local bakeries in the Lexington community. A profile of each competitor is below.


Bluegrass Baking Company

Bluegrass Baking Company serves up handcrafted artisan breads and pastries from the Old Country. They are an independent bakery offering fresh baked goods every morning. They specialize in artisan pastries, cakes, and European breads with a touch of magic. Bluegrass Baking Company is owned by Jim and Francine Betts and was started 28 years ago in a small, retail location. Today, Jim and Francine have stuck to the same menu that made them successful after receiving criticism of not serving donuts. They bake and serve what they know and have perfected.

Five years ago, Bluegrass struck an alliance with the University of Kentucky’s Agriculture Department in an effort to grow and mill the flours locally. Now, they supply many restaurants and resellers with daily breads and pastries while continuing to grow their line of nutritious and satisfying baked goods.

Magee’s Bakery

Magee’s Bakery has been family owned and operated since 1956. After 60 years, Magee’s Bakery is still known for serving the best baked goods in town. They specialize in freshly made donuts, breads and pastries baked everyday. Their breakfast options include freshly made bagel or biscuit sandwiches, eggs, hash browns, sausage and gravy, and bacon. The lunch menu includes sandwich options, soups, and pot pies. Magee’s Bakery is open Wednesday – Saturday for breakfast and lunch. They offer online ordering and curbside pickup or delivery.

The Futile Bakery

The Futile Bakery is a newer, trendier bakery in Lexington. They offer freshly made cinnamon rolls, cookies, scones, macaroons, and coffee. They are open Wednesday through Sunday from 6:00 am – 1:00 pm. The Futile Bakery is owned by Daniel King and he has recently started offering custom made-to-order cakes, decorated sugar cookies, and other treats for all types of parties or gatherings.

Competitive Advantage

Baked Bee Bakery offers several advantages over its competition. Those advantages are:

  • Exceptional customer service and commitment: The owners of Baked Bee Bakery pride themselves to being on location everyday and getting to know the majority of their clientele. Janette and Mary love interacting with the clients and listening to what the client really envisions for their custom made cake. It is extremely rewarding to put that idea into reality and deliver what the client envisioned. We love seeing the client’s face when they see the finished product.
  • Delicious and freshly made pastries: Baked Bee Bakery will bake pastries daily and only sell what is freshly made for that day. There will never be a stale pastry served at Baked Bee Bakery.
  • Convenient location: Baked Bee Bakery will be located in a highly-trafficked retail strip center where it neighbors popular grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping.